Sofia's selfy1Today in our workshop we are meeting two girls, one is called Sofia who is from Slovakia, she was celebrating her 5th Birthday last month. But she knows very well how to use camera, she did her self’s, it is Albina's picture, 2015introduced here, and as one can see that it is not a bad looking photograph (self-portrait) for a person of her age. We consider her having a certain talent for photography and a taste.

The other girl’s name is Albina, she is fourteen. Besides going to regular school, she attends also the arts school. The creative activities is a game for mind and imagination which gives great pleasure for creative people. That is what Albina learns at her arts classes. She lives in Russia, and recently Albina became a laureate of the 11-th open regional art competition among children and youth of Saint Petersburg and Petersburg Region “RUSSIA – MY HOME, MY LIFE”. She took the 3-rd place. Look at her drawing full of completeness and integrity, evidently attracting attention of competent jury and public.

Albert Einstein said once “Creativity is intelligence having Fun”. It’s hard to disagree with the great scientist who himself was a real creator.

Listen to: “Music for Creative Minds” #6

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