NAVPLION, GREECE                                                                                                                    Navplion37

The mountain knot of Arcadia forms the main part of the hand and Argolis is the thumb. The three smaller promontories, the fingers, make up Navplion, a small seaport town and first capital of the kingdom Greece (1830-1834). It is situated at the head of the Gulf of Argolis in the eastern part of the Peloponnisos region. Navplion, on the north shore of a small peninsula, occupies a long narrow space at the base of an imposing cliff and is connected by railroad with Athens. The Isthmus of Corinth connects the Peloponnisos with the mainland. The peninsula, with an area of 8,280 square miles, has been compared to a hand with a thumb and three fingers. Tourists visit the Peloponnisos to view the picturesque countryside, the ruins of Olympia, site of ancient Olympic games, the monastery of Megaspalaeon, the temple of Zeus at Nemea, the ruins of Mycenae, the seaport of Navplion, the falls of the River Styx, and the scanty remains of ancient Sparta.

A beautiful, clean and friendly Greek town met us with mild warm weather and pleasant people. We visited St. Spiridon’s Orthodox Church, prayed there and lit the candles to commemorate dead people, and honor the living ones. We took a lot of pictures and here it is a slide show to watch.  “Navplion, Greece”.            


Navplion38There are about 270 children on board, and lots of activities are organized for them. Gleb is a very social guy, he gets acquainted with many kids of his age, among his cruise friends are red-headed British guy, the other one is Vovka by name from St. Petersburg and many others.

They like to spend time in a swimming pool, Lido deck, 9. Diving is forbidden there. It was interesting to see how Gleb spoke English freely and politely with his friends and they started to have fun: jump and splash in the pool. For one hour and a half. Until a safeguard approached them and said something. The response was very loud in Russian: “Мы не говорим по-английски“. Minutes ago they spoke and now they do not. Such carnivores!


Gleb’s T-shirt ” Calgary Flames-Iginla” attracts everybody’s attention. Of 2000 cruisers somebody comes up to us and asks:” Are you from Calgary?” “Oh yes.” And we used to start the conversation.

In such a way Edward Rozales approached Janko and asked him “Did you work at Canadian Pacific Railways?” “Yes, I did.” And they began to share their experiences at Canadian Pacific recollecting their old Buddies, their life stories, and twists and turns of their destinies.

They both wear the watches which were given by company at the day of their retirement, Eddy after 25 years’ service, Jim after 32 years’ work at the Canadian Pacific. Now both pals are travelling with their families on Mediterranean cruise. What a coincidence! And how world is small!

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