Days 7-8 (July 21-22, 2011): At the Open Sea. The Core of Activities on Board is Gary Glading, a Cruise Director. Come on Down, Our Star Gary!

While our ship is sailing, there is lots to do on the ship board: sunbathing on the top decks, swimming at the pools and having fun at the slide, Jacuzzi massaging for adults and kids-free style cruising does not have limitations to anyone.

Watch our photo show:”Fun on the Jade”

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Meanwhile our star cruise director Gary Glading is welcome to krutajababulka’s home. Your book presentation, Gary, was excellent and I will show it at a special category “Reading and Discussion Club” later.

Now it’s time to talk about shows on the Jade, all of them were worthwhile, starting with Four Ever in Concert, the fascinating Magic, Comedy and Acrobatics of Flash & Fever in a variety show, new show “Elements!” which reveal Earth, Air, Water and Fire, Big Band Ballroom with the Jade Orchestra, Tony K. Irving in Concert.

And the remarkable “Norwegian Way” finale with the Jade Officers, Staff and Crew at the Stardust Theatre.

Our StarGary and meI remember that day distinctly: after breakfast in the Garden Cafe where there were 100 varieties of snacks and meals for any taste, we were pampered and served by myriads of waiters and waitresses circling around us to try to take away any dirty dish and predict our desires for a drink: “What would you like, sir, madam: coffe, tea or a juice?” and rushed to fulfill our wishes.

“Your wishes my command!” was a reality.

But the last day hardly anybody was on the floor. “Where is everybody?” I asked. And then answered:”Perhaps, at rehearsal”.

We understood and hurried up to the theatre to take comfortable seats for the amateur concert of ship crew. TheOur CruiseDirectorGaryimpression was beyond our expectations.

Thanks, Gary, for a wonderful job you’ve done together with the whole Jade team.

Photos of Gary and me near Spinnaker Lounge, Deck 13, Fwd.

Enjoy:Russian Break Dancing

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