From time immemorial I knew that a doll plays an important role in a girl’s development as well as a machine toy for a youngballerinaboy’s .

Playing with the doll the girl tried to make clothes for her, dress-undress, put her to bed,  even dance with her, it’s her first close friend besides Mom. The girl talks to her and later when joins Day Care,  her doll can be personified as a pupil of her class, her class mate. She sleeps with her and shares her dreams. Looking after her doll she learns the first steps of motherhood which is her major  natural destiny. With those sincere movements a future woman learns how to care for people, many how dos, which can be very suitable for her in days to come.

My hobby is to paint wooden funny Russian Matryoshkas and make clothes for regular dolls in a creative way. Sewing mainly I am doing by hand and glue to my own design. At Christmas craft sales my dolls usually attract people’s attention because the national costumes they are dressed in are usually made of colorful fabrics, decorated with beads and head sets or kerchiefs as it fits an occasion.

Maybe you saw them in my slide show before.

Now I am organizing a little workshop for little dolls, try to challenge you in a nice family circle to create something beautiful with your own hands.

To entertain you just look at the “Canadian Living Show Crafts”.

Canadian Living

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