MashtheGrizzlyBearGrizzly bear by name Masha hibernated for the whole winter. I am wondering how the bears can sleep for 3-4 months without eating, having their daily necessities. All their biological life circle as if it is frozen, shut down for a while. Then it would turn on again.

How much bears could economize on electricity, food products, building materials if they were people.

But they are not. Living in wilderness, they at times encounter such strange creatures as humans. Bears are always surprised of them. Who are those? What are they doing here? Why do they interfere inyo our domain?

So, or approximately so, perhaps Masha thought hanging around in search of sweet, delicious red berries which were scattered everywhere at the clearance. How enormously attractive they were, the bear’s treats. She grabbed them with one paw and put them in her wide open brown mouth. Masha smiled at the dual pleasure: taste of berries and beautiful sunshine.

At this point she felt with her fibers some intruder’s presence. She looked around. A few odd two-legged creatures were making their way through the forest, bending down, picking up berries and swallowing them. Just the same as I did. Poor little copyists!

Masha’s ears became alert. Look at the photos from Banff summer 2011, sent to me by the Novikov’s family.

“It seems that they were a peaceful bunch, it seems that they do not attack me, no real threat from them.” thought to herself Masha. The people took a couple of pictures and kept on moving. Thank goodness! There did not appear a  face-to-face meeting between the bear and the humans. Otherwise it could be a little misunderstanding or conflict of interests. The fight could start…

It happened on one wonderful summer day in the Canadian National Park of Banff area.

Watch the show “In Banff, photos by Elena Novikova”:


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