ChampaigneFather is 62, and son is 26. Do you see a coincidence in reverse numbers? That happens only once a life time. There is a saying: like father like son. In many ways: yes – both are hard workers, both like history, both are thinkers. In many ways: no. Computer generation is more informative, open to innovations and new ideas. It is understandable.

Nevertheless what is uniting them is that emotional involvement with the life. The 62 year old and 26 year old, both respect love feelings. This a poem dedicated to both of them, Gary and Jan.

I Love You

Love is funny, love is sad,

To be with you I am glad,Redroses

The way you make me feel,

I never thought it could be so real,

From your smile to your cry,

I promise to love you until I die,

I want you to be standing by my side,

I want you as my bride and wife …..


Alexander Serov’s song “I love you”. Listen to it,please:


To-day’s confluence of 26 and 62 is as if sun eclipse which appears very seldom. We need to celebrate this rare phenomenon in each possible agreeable way: to go to the restaurant together, give as presents buckets of red roses and tulips, write beautiful rhymes and sing the songs.  Listen to Vitas. for inspiration


Happy Birthday to you, Father and Son, Holly Gary and Holly Jan!

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