John 1 year, 2016In the valley of mountainous Bow River, in the city of Calgary you were born, John! And your fairy-tale life started with growing up by days, by months and now by years…

Every day little John discovered new things for himself: new toys, new majestic children’s shows, new food which Mommy and Daddy prepared deliciously for him.

Everybody seemed to like John whether it was at his baptism celebration at the restaurant “New Dynasty” or at home at family get-togethers.  He grew up as a lovable, good-natured person. But close to Christmas time a little fairy-tale miracle happened to be. He saw a tiny pretty face of a girl by name Diana.

“Oh”, thought to himself John, ” now my life is becoming more interesting. I will have a buddy for my games. “Only one thing is surprising me- she is too little. Maybe she will grow up as I did at my time. Patience, my friend, patience.” he continued to talk to himself. And it was the truth: in half a year she began crawling and to understand many things that he did. The fairy tale kept on only with the difference of the age – a half a year. “She is beautiful. Whom does she remind me?” asked himself John. And answered: “Blooming lotus. I saw in adults’ shows”.

Happy fairy-tales to you, John!

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