“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”. W.B. Yeats

The first magical thing is happening: new 2019 year has arrived. Happy New 2019 year to all my readers, friends, relatives, to Gleb and Larisa and their companies from Saint-Petersburg, the Holly family in Calgary, Airdrie, Winnipeg and in Philippines. lots of happiness, successes and health we are wishing. Special house warming wishes to Gary Holly and his family who settled down in a new home before the Christmas time.

The second magical thing has happened: Janko’s Birthday on December 27th, which was widely celebrated on both continents of Old and New Worlds: in Europe and in North America. 4 members of Badek Club in Bryansk, Russia-Emma, Valya, Zoya and Lusya- came to Emma’s place to sing along with their classmate Valya in Calgary, Canada, on Skype : “Happy Birthday, Janko!’ and as usual Rimma Levchenko recited her poem in Russian (translation by VFP):

“The seeming case

 needs to face:

Janko and we never met,

But it appears to be:

We know you forever.

This seeming case

Has a zero meaning! 

But  a real meaning is:

You and Valya’ve found each other-

And we’re very glad for that real case.

Valyusha’s your true friend,

Together you’re just a classy couple.

On your special day

We’re wishing to you good health

as well as to your angel Valyusha-your destiny!”

Listen to new innovative magical music:


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