Sasha and Val at Expo2013Miki Reeder, Event Director of Gas & Oil Expo, 2013 said in his address to the exhibitors: “This year is the largest Gas & Oil Expo produced to date, not just in expanded exhibit space, but in record pre-registration number (up 25% over 2011)!”

To-day Janko and me are at the Stampede grounds, BMO  four Halls, to help with the installation of the booth to one Russian representative of JSC TDC “DIASCAN”, Transneft, Alexander Kirdiapkin.

While working: unpacking the exhibits to be displayed, checking the inventory, making everything neat and nice, we are conversing about the main things:

Janko (1): I am wondering who is guiding the “Transneft” of Russia?

Sasha (2): Federal.

1: Here, in Canada, all oil companies belong to the private companies.

Valentina (3): What a difference is it, my friends?

1: Perhaps, more order.

2: In regards to the order, to my opinion, in Russia there is a bad management on the middle level.

3: What is called your company where you work and which is demonstrated on this Expo at Hall “A”, at the Booth #1781?

2: JSC TDC “DIASCAN”, set up as an affiliate company by Transneft in April 1991. At present DIASCAN is equipped with advanced in-line inspection devices in diameter range from 6″ to 48″ by the most modern technologies.

1: Sasha, now you are holding in hands the model of of the devices of DIASCAN, what is its real length and width?

2: 8 meters lengthwise and 2-3 meters in width.

1: Oh, it’s really a big one! That’s why everything is displayed in model-type. How many people work at “DIASCAN”?

2: About 2000 people. Since 2011 Diascan inspects with ultrasonic, magnetic and combined inspection tools an average of 40,000 km of pipelines and performs a comprehensive survey of approximately 220 tanks per year.

3: Sasha, what is your impression from Expo in Calgary compared to the other ones?

2: I’ve been to many International Exhibitions, including Europe, Germany, , China, Huston (USA). Here is the impression-special: no ado.

3: You’re right, Sasha. No ado about nothing. Everything is solved calmly, in a friendly, peaceful work manner.

1: Welcome, Sasha, to Canada, Alberta  which is famous for not just gas & oil exhibitions, stampedes but also for its closeness to the rocky mountains, picturesque and unforgettable.

Above our photo with Sasha and below “Pictures from the Exhibition and after the Exhibition”:

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