He is alwaysAmong Russians there is a saying that all in vain to wait for good weather at the sea shore because if the weather is bad, it means for a long time. But here, in Maly Karpaty everything is not so. It was drizzling rain in the morning in Bratislava, the sky was overcast. We were sitting as if on the needles: every minute we were looking for weather forecast on our i-phones, checking with news on TV. We planned beforehand to go to Bratislava to visit Slavin Hill. Dressed up in traveling costumes, just what we lacked was sunshine. Only in the afternoon around 2-31 the sun came out. Our spirits lifted up, we jumped in the car and were gone. Hello, brothers and sisters on Slavin Hill, we are happy to greet you. To the left my photo from there with the bucket of fresh flowers left by somebody between the feet of the huge statue of a soldier-warrior, hard worker of the war time. And below is the link of our video with Gennadiy, when we joked around and had a good time. He is always with us.

Watch: Slavin Hill in Bratislava

2 Thoughts on “He is Always With Us”

  • A wonderful article about a very memorable day in Bratislava on Slavin Hill .Memory Eternal to the men and women who fought and died and are buried there.We also will never forget Gennady who made us laugh and gave us humour and fun.Rest in peace dear brother in law and friend. Janko.

  • Thanks for comment, Janko. You were a participant on that day. And in our video which was produced by Larisa I appreciated you for finding the info about Slavin Hill on Internet research in advance and prompting us to visit there. That’s why double thanks again. Video shows how live and full of humor our company was!
    Sincere regards from,

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