DSCN1780“O’key”, said Olivia to Rapanzel while awakening in the morning after good and healthy sleep, the girls looked at each other, and smiled: so they slept in one and the same bed, on one and the same pillow, covering themselves with one and the same comforter, sharing everything equally as if two true sisters.

“All right, Rapanzel”, repeated Olivia. “You are always flying and flying everywhere. Can you swim at last? There are so many other different useful things which are interesting to know how.”

“Oh, really?” rounded her huge eyes Rapanzel in a surprise. “But I thought that better than flights can be the flights which are higher, higher, and higher!” clapped with her palms Rapanzel.

“Maybe”, Maybe”, pondered Olivia. “My Mom told me that the person who is flying very high, that person falls down very low.”DSCN1773

“I don’t fall down at all.”, objected Rapanzel.

“Why not?”, this time Olivia was surprised.

DSCN1771“Simply so. I was born this way. Simply I’m flying and flying, stopping, yes, but not falling down.” explained Rapanzel.

“All right. Can you swim, can’t you?” asked Olivia.

“Sure, not. I even don’t know what you talking about: s-w-i-m – funny word.” continued Rapanzel.

“You always wear the beautiful fairy tale dress. You need to take it off and put on the swimming costume”, grumbled Olivia, undressing Rapanzel. She was already in her swimming costume. Good. The she took her in her hands face down and imagining that it were a lake, ocean or river, began to teach her friend how to stay on the surface of the water.

Perhaps, at that moment Olivia copied her Dad’s movements who was the first who was giving her swimming lessons? Who knows?

Showing the round movements, she rotated Rapanzel’s hand in 360 degrees, but she taught to hold feet beat in the water.

They both liked this lesson, and Rapanzel handed in a napkin to the tired Olivia to sweep the sweep away the sweat from her forehead.

Olivia in response fed her with an apple.

Friendship between the girls grew up and strengthened.

Watch the movie:  “I’m a Fish”,-children’s swimming song by Patty Shukla

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