Pasternak is not my favourite poet and writer. Nevertheless, this book “LARA” by Anna Pasternak is interesting to read for understanding the atmosphere in literary milieu of Soviet period in Russia. Having done research on this topic, I came to conclusion that there were no wrongs and rights at that period of time. Mr. Pasternak, as well as all members of the big Pasternak family, were survivors, they did everything to survive. No doubts, many talented, creative people are in this family. Anna Pasternak’s book “Lara” is the prime example to it.

The talents of the Pasternak family is overpowering Mrs. Ivinskaya, last love of Boris Pasternak. Having looked through her book “A Captive of Time” about her years with Boris Pasternak and “Memoirs” by his second wife Zinaida Nikolaevna Neigaus-Pasternak in comparison, all my favours go Zinaida Nikolaevna’s.  All intelligence, common sense and bravery are shown in her “Memoirs”. This lady deserves huge respect for saving her husband’s honest name for posterity.

People had suffered and are suffering a lot in Russia. Especially creative people. We cannot judge Pasternak for his life he spent. He lived in full, was happy as a family man, and as a lover. Good for him!

About prototypes for his protagonists in his books, I could say only one thing : “You were blessed to meet such a creative person like Pasternak and helped him to be as he was!” Enjoy characters of the book but not prototypes who were plentiful and fruitful.


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