VaslavNijinsky (book cover)Vaslav Nijinsky was not insane but he was a great creative personality. And how it happens in real life many artistic people are stressed out. That was what happened to him. A few extracts from his life:

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“Vaslav Nijinsky’s appearances in “Chopiniana” with Karsavina and Pavlova cemented his fame as an artiste; he thrilled everyone with his airy leaps. “He was like a rubber ball that, the more it is thrown, the higher it bounces. He glided through the air, and at times he seemed to be suspended there. This incredible gift for flight drove audiences insane. Not since Vestris had Paris seen such a brilliant dancer. Nijinsky’s second miracle was his tenfold antrechats. In a single leap he filled the space between the floor and the ceiling of the stage”.

World fame never affected his character or behaviour, he was always modest, reserved and polite.

Vaslav Nijinsky was born in Kiev, educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, danced the beautiful roles in the Mariinsky Theatre, and later in Paris at Sergey Diyagilev’s group “Ballet Russe’ together with many outstanding  ballet dancers of Russia.

To pursue his majestic dancing career  and to be independent by character was very complex for him. There were so many disappointments in his life: in love affairs, business, weak health, social upheavels-all was against him. He dreamt all his life to return to his beloved country Russia and never did.

This is my photo gallery “Vaslav Nijinsky” :


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Nejinsky's grave, 2007“Stuck in the circumstances”, it is usually said about such people “and never found the way out”. So sad! Such a great talent was lost in times.VaslavNijinsky34

They say, he used to walk alone in late years, to the right is a photo of him walking and the other photo of his grave at Paris cemetery. Do you recognize the same place?

I do not want to finish my article in a bad mood, so I include one more impression about his dancing in America:

“Nijinsky’s performance in America was riotously successful. “When Vaslav appeared in “Le Spectre de la Rose” audience stood up, and for a moment he was even taken aback by such regal welcome; but yet another surprise awaited him. There was a whirlwind American rose petals, and in a few minutes the stage was carpeted with fragrant blooms. Vaslav stood before the rain of pink petals and seemed to be the actual embodiment of the scent of roses”.

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