Lidia May is as a Guest in my Mucha Salon

The other day Lidia May visited my Mucha Salon. We conversed about many things in life.

Valentina (1): Lidochka, where were you born?

Lidia (2): In one small town in Russia. When I became 18 years old, I moved to Saint-Petersburg.

(1): Where did you study?

(2): In the same city of Saint Petersburg and worked there too.

(1): In what places particularly?

(2): In many places. The latest job was as a Project Leader of the Department of Organising Business Trips and Receiving the Delegations at the company “Silovye Mashiny” (before it was the Leningrad Metallic Plant plus “Elektrosila”).

(1): Did you travel a lot around the world, Lida?

(2): Yes. I visited 40 countries, including Australia and the Americas. I travelled alone, stayed in hostels.

(1): You apparently had very many friends, didn’t you?

(2): Yes. Some of them came to visit me, the others invited me to visit them. For example, I visited the traditional Japanese Wedding in Kyoto.  Unforgettable country and its traditions.

(1): And then what happened next in your life?

(2): I passed IELTS exam to enter the Bow Valley College, Canada, which I graduated from in 2015.

Look at the movie:

(1): Good luck, Lidia!

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