Light of memory.

A candle is a living thing as are the memories which are evoked by its gentle light.

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The shimmering of its glow gives us a sense of peace which enables us to reflect on the life of Gennadiy who has passed from us. By these moments of reflection and remembering the joyful times, our discussions, our celebrations together as well as the laughter, the pain and the hope. This was Gennadiy’s life. The candle speaks to us of a soul’s spark which is above, below, within and without. This brings us, all of us, Gennadiy who is gone physically from us, and us, who are left here, always together.

As it is spoken in the Orthodox liturgy, come onto the blessed reward that is prepared for you among the Saints where there is no more any pain or suffering, hunger or worries. Welcome home, dear Gennadiy.

“Weep no more”, sings Xenia Lapitskaya

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