Chapter 11 RIMMA    

Without Rimma Alexeyevna Levchenko (Mitichkina) all our gettogethers and gatherings would not happen. As she contains our telephones, contact addresses and references. Rimma is our planner, organizer and inspiror. So, we all are thanking her for this effort  and talent. Above is the musical greetings from us in appreciation of big job she’s just done i for us.

On the 13th of March, 2020 Rimma has celebrated her 80-th jubilee in the circle of her family and friends. This is the photo collage about her.

Her daughter Mira was the main toastmaster and performer at the party held in her house in honour of her Mother. Below is the video of this event.

“Sweetheart of mine, the Sun in the spring, where are we going to meet each other, in what areas?” is sung around by everybody of the present. And at once as though the room are filled up with bright light, joy and warmth of peopele to participate in karaoke improvised.

Then Nellya was reciting a poem by T.S.Makarova:

“We’ve been collected life experiences,

While increasing the Russia’s wealth outcome,

In labouring, we did not spare ourselves,

Working hard, never put hands down.

Boredom was a strange word for us,

As we didn’t waiste our life in vain.

So, our grandchildren’re rejoycing us,

Although we cannot sleep at times at nights,

As the remembrances coming from the past.

The tired bones’ pain is adding up,

As we are getting old, Old we are!

Noone but dares to say to us:

“Your hair’s gotten too-oo gray…”

‘Cause in spirit we feel like

We’re young! Young we are!”


Mira’s dance is completing the performance. It seems that all troubles and every day life cares are withdrawn far away when there’s the celebration of Mummy’s 80-th Birthday. “With such a Mom we could get through all difficulties in life and achieve the best!”, said Mira and everybody agrees with her.

From us, we also congratulate Rimma on her wonderful jubelee and wish her the best in her personal and her family’s life. Stay healthy and young up to 100, RIMMA!

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