“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison Chapter 14 Viktor, Emma, Valya ( to be continued)

Chapter 14 Viktor, Emma, Valya     

Viktor Detkov met and said to us “Good by” on that memorable day of 2004 in Bryansk. He was dressed up in his new suit to show a big respect to his relatives having come from Canada. We stayed in their apartment, Emma, my sister and his wife, was a wonderful hostess, and we never forgot her belyashi baked for us before our departure home. They were so delicious and in such a big amount (around 30) that we shared them with our train conductor and who praised them up to the heaven.

Later we were also invited to Valentina Leonidovna Sedneva (Troshina)’s house too. Marina (Emma’s and Viktor’s daughter) took us there. Valya also showed her great heart and soul in preparing healthy and good meal for us, an integral part of the  Russian hospitality.

Here is the special photo-collage dedicated to them:


          Valentina Leonidovna ( Sedneva) Troshina worked all her life as an English teacher at one of the Bryansk schools, who published once the article about my book “To the Horizon and Beyond” , later my classmate Rimma read it, contacted her, they met and since then  we kept our friendship going.

Valya herself had chosen the teacher’s profession for life, and dedicated to it up to the end. ‘Cause modern dangerous state of Virus COVET 19 she stopped home English lessons helping teenagers to prepare for entering the Higher Schools and Universities.

V. L. Troshina can really be proud of successes of her graduates, among them there are many professionals. They still keep in contact with her, and next year on the 30-th of March, 2021 she will celebrate her 70-th Anniversary. We are in a hurry to be the first who remember her great Day, congratulate on it, wishing all the happiness in the world for her personally, her husband, son, his wife and two beautiful granddaughters Olesya and Dasha, whom she admired very much. And the girls love their Grandma too.

At the beginning of the post I put the songs of Bulat Okudjava performed by himself, it is a musical greeting for you, Valya.

At the end as a special gift for you, Valya, again we put our video-presentation from my legendary study in the basement. Why legendary? Because in 2009 when I started my blog “www.krutajababulka.ca” I gave an interview on you tube about the purpose and aims of my website. I talked about my book “Granny’s Tales for Little Glebochka” when he was only 12. Now he’s grown up. Gleb’s 23 now. Life has changed a lot. And we have changed too. That interview was held in the same basement study.


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