Carl“Hi, Carl! Thanks a lot for sending to me your car show case.

This is the photo expose:” Carl’s Car Show”:

His portrait is to the left and his car to the right.

It is your real element, hobby, passion and life style for the whole life as you yourself put it in your own words:


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“I must be with groups of people that enjoy and share the same common interest. I enjoy it immensely, the bigger the crowd the better it gets. I’m talking sheet metal, rubber, oil, gas, paint, big horse power, and so on. The auto seems is what I’m talking about. Actually I hang with a good crowd at the best of times. Those who are like me who eat, drink, sleep the auto world are like crack or coke heads, once you get hooked, guess what!!!, you cannot quit.”                                   Carl's car

Oh, brother! I respect you for that.

As far as I remember our childhood, we both were fascinated by cars, trains, planes. Who of boys doesn’t in early age?

Look at the vintage show “Cars, Trains”:

We are both retired after more than 30 years’ excellent service for Canadian pacific Railways. We both have families, two sons and a daughter. That’s it what is in common. All the rest is different. And it’s good. I live in Calgary, you – in Winnipeg. Last time when I visited with you, you gave me a local newspaper “Winnipeg Sun”, Friday, August 20, 2004. In the department “Auto Market” there was an article “Daily Driver” about your car passion and membership of the Fabulous 50’s Ford Club, and a regular at the Pony Coral. He makes the show every Sunday and even heads downtown for the Wednesday night cruise. Rain or shine, Carl loves the attention his old Ford gets, and likes to talk about cars to other car folks.”

The author of the article Paul Williamson is proud of you, so I am, daily driver!

Watch and listen to the song from “Blue Brothers”:“Soul Man”

Good luck, Carl, and all the best to you and your family,

Yours brother Jim”

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