The Romanovs.When the book is autographed by the author, for me as if Zoia Iosifovna were visiting us at Calgarian home personally. Look at the photos to the left showing these events.

Impressions about this book?

The most positive and inspiring.

Professor of history and languages,Zoia Iosifovna, has focused on the House of Romanov from outset of the dynasty in 1613 to its downfall in 1917.

Each creative person, including Zoia Iosifovna, has her/his own preferences. It is understandable.

The Russian history is full of interesting facts and critical points. The Romanov tale by Z. Belyakova, first published in 1998, describes new revelations about the life and fate of the imperial family. Grand Dukes, Grand Duchess, their different names as of such as Leuchtenberg.

For example, a few books on Ella, Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia, who built the Martha and Mary Community ofOur Icon of St-ElizabethMercy in Moscow, which remains a highlight in charitable work to the present day. We have her icon at home (it is shown here at the photo) and venerate her highly.

What are the latest news about the author of the book?

On September 19, 2012 in town Pushkin near St. Petersburg? Russia, Zoia Iosifovna was invited to the Central Library and Researchers’ Club “Fatherland” to present her new book “Come Back from Forgotten” about love of Duke Nicholas Leuchtenberg and Nadezhda Akinfova.

On October 27, 2012 she was invited to Father Vadim’s TV show “Orthodoxy Hour”.

It is nice to see the variety of art presentations in the public life of Russia.

But how to connect the Great Tolstoy’s life relinquishing his Count Title and his property and the Romanovs who enjoyed their property and privileges up to their end? They lived yet at the same time, and at the same country.

Look at the Tzar Nicholas’s letter to his mother Maria Fedorovna where he clearly stated up his hatred for Jews. (p.p. 155-158) at the photo gallery “From the book “The Romanovs. The Way It Was.” by Z. Belyakovaю

The two different ways of approach to the property, isn’t the truth?

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