Chapter 10 MAX the DEGUSTATOR
Hi, Max! Greetings from Calgary
to Vancouver. Find out
which dish you taste,
Good or bad, or so-so?
The answer is
to this quest,
Without prolong
“Yes” or “No”

Today is in Calgary
a snowy day.
Look at the photo collage.
So, it’s right time to play.
Guess with closed eyes
which dish you taste
and give the prompt answer.
Here is the video
how you,Max, playing
the game with your friend
and your Mummy.

Now, when you
finished with
the dishes,

let’s listen to
the song about
fruits and
vegetables for kids:

At the end of the day,
you need a reward, Max!
Can you tell me in secret,
what it is.
Later your beautiful Mama
Anneta will
communicate with me.
Good luck, Max!

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