At the dawn the Sun is beautiful, at the dusk it is beautiful too. At the happiness and unhappiness the Greats never change. They always remain the same, the Greats.

Now the regions have the names: Ktumaxa (pronounced as” too-nah-ha”), Akisqnuk and others. Before it was one huge Universe and there lived one Universal Giant by name Natmuqcin.

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Natmuqcin could not read or write. And even he did not have any computer.

He slept a lot, and while being awake he used to like to play hide-and-seek with the Sun and the Moon. They were good fellow-companions for him as the understood each and every movement of his.

When natmuqcin opened one eye, he saw the Sun’s big smile: it was so pleasant to breathe and live. It was daytime.

When Natmuqcin opened the other eye: he did not see anything save of pitch blackness. The Great Giant touched himself in doubts whether he was alive or not, questioning himself thousand times. “Oh, yes!” he said  finally:” I am still alive. But why is it so dark, one minute it was clear, the other minute it was heavy darkness.”

The he felt that somebody was sitting on his eyelid keeping the right eye tightly pressed to the face.

“Who are you?”, asked Natmuqcin in astonishment. “How dare you to sit on my eye?”

“I am the Moon.” answered the coquettish lady.

“What are you doing here, sitting on my right eye?”, asked Natmuqcin.

“Nothing. Just having a rest for a while, replacing my brother Sun.” she repled.

“Oh, mean, ugly Moon, get away off my eye”, and the Giant swept off the Moon angrily, jumped promptly on his feet, leaped onto the Sky, hitting his head on the Sky and fell over, creating the Rocky Mountains.

Since then the Rocky Mountains as well as Purcell Mountains got always beautiful and great, at the sunsets and sunrises, at the happy time and unhappy one. Always great as the were originated from Natmuqcin, the Universal Giant of Great.

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