Our Mediterranean Cruise (July 15-23, 2011 on Norwegian Jade): Voyage in Masks in the Spirit of the Venetian Carnival of Masks Which is Held Annually in Italy

Barefoot on St.Marco’s Place I showed up close to midnight on July 14th accompanied by Janko near jade_ship_web-w600our Ambassador Tre Rose Hotel which is situated here. Why barefoot? There was  flooding on the square, one foot deep, one cannot believe
Masks, forwards!1it! A few people who happened to be at that renown Venetian place at the moment were taking pictures of waters. I took off my runners and decided to shoot tomorrow. We stayed overnight at the Ambassador’s, in the morning rushed to the St. Marco’s to have some shots. Lo and behold! The flooding was gone! So, on the photo I am still barefoot in the mask to memorize the moment of the city of Venice and last night flooding, Janko is next to me.

The family reunion took place in beautiful Venice. To celebrate sunny weather, cool sea breezes and good vacation spirits of ours we bought four natural, made of paper Mache Venetian masks as souvenirs from here for 4 participants of this journey. Here we are in the  masks on the photo.

We like our masks so much that we do not want to part with them no way, and decided to wear them on during the whole cruise! That is a real challenge because it is hot everywhere, and under masks too.

Rushing to the harbor we are looking for our Norwegian cruise liner, this time it is called “Norwegian Jade”. Oh, here it is, handsome and brilliant in the  glory of  a Venetian sunset.

Watch video: “Carnival in Venice” Four Masks2011

By the way, who knows what the word “Jade” mean. Everybody knows. Good. “Jade” means “Jewel”. So we are sailing on “Norwegian Jewel”. So far, so good. Let us see what this jewel looks like inside and what the accommodations are like.

Masks, on board! Watch the photo expose: “Masks, Forwards!”

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Listen to the music:“We’re All Together”

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