omar-khayyamWhen I was fourteen, in my Summer School Reading List was Chernyshevsky “Aesthetic Relations to the Reality”. I had read it, so for the first time in my life I started to think about what the beauty meant for us, ordinary people. The famous Persian Philosopher and poet Omar Khayyam also shared his meditations on this topic:

1.”To be beautiful-it does not mean to be born with it;

After all, the beauty we can learn,

When the soul is beautiful, man,

What is the appearance can be compared with it?” live-persian-miniature-painting

2.Sufferings are ageing beauties, Save from trouble

That woman, whose eyelids are transparent and firm lips.

Be tenderer with the beloved: her beauty slips away,

Leaving the suffering traces on her gentle face.

3.In one window watching the two.

One saw the rain and mud.iranian-beauties

The other-green foliage ligature, spring and blue sky.

In one window watching the two.

4.The lower the soul of a person,

the higher the nose up. He stretches his nose to where

the soul has not grown.

5.Do not envy someone who is strong and rich.

The sunset always comes after the dawn.

Be happy for this moment. For this life is too short,

Treat it as if it is lent to you for rent.

Listen to the beautiful music of Alps and enjoy scenery:


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