That is the 21st century new life style. Can one imagine 10 years ago like this: buy air tickets online, book hotels by Internet, buy food and go to restaurants, movies and theatres, bankig on line, meeting a girl-or-boy friend also online?

Entertainment industry, itself, is digitized enormously , movies with 3D, arts were advanced with highly developed photo shops.

Watch Lindsey Stirling’s performance who became popular because she and her team knew how to use Internet tools and promote themselves.

Skyrim-Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

We happened to be watching movie “Bad Words”, skipped box office at the theatre, with just “printed at home” tickets, paid for one but valid for two, by Credit card, and there we are, Janko and me, proceeded to Hall 10, and sat adult and kid relationshipin comfortable seats.

I looked around. Everywhere there were young faces, almost all were equipped with Pop-corn bags and soft drinks. We saw one girl’s feet lifted up high to the front opposite her seat, relaxing in typical North-American manner.

The show started, director: Jason Bateman, written by Andrew Dodge, starring: Jason Bateman, Kathlyn Hahn, Rohan Chand, Ben Falcone, Phillip Baker Hall etc.

“A spelling bee loser sets out to exact revenge by finding a loophole and attempting to win as an adult”, reads in synopsis.

In reality, It’s not a story about bad words, vulgar scenes and spelling bee competition. It is all wrap-up. For attracting young generation’s attention.

The deeper meaning of it, as far as I understood, lies in Jason Bateman’s concept and portrayal of the adult-kid relationships.

It’s all a romantic, vulnarable, very fragile story which was told to the spectators with great talent and sad humour.

The message was simple: “Let’s be in a like-like relationship, folks”, even if the life is now more technologically modernized, when our kids are more computer savvy than we, older generation. The solution is plain-compromise with the generous support of Internet “to live harmoniously online”.

To the right is the photo on the topic “To live harmoniously online”.

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