As we now do not travel so far, I decided to publish my scribbles written on my lap (Lap Diary) of our trans Canada trip of 2005 by car, covered 8000 km, visited 24 cities, towns and villages.

July 21, 2005. 12-30 p.m. Put gas in our van 45 dollars (full tank). Janko as usual is having his coffee at any possible coffee shop (at least 10 times a day) and there we go. We’re on the road. What a wonderful driver Janko is!

July 21, 2005 Strathmore. Stopped by to buy a case of drinks. With them it’s easier to travel.

July 21, 2005. Medicine Hat. Walked around the mall. Stretched our legs. Put gas again. I am responsible for gas using my Master Card and participating in Sweepstakes Summer 2005 “Gas for Life”, hoping to win gas for the rest of our life travelling. I am mailing envelopes with purchase gas receipts by my “Master Card”.

July 21, 2005. Swift Current. Stayed overnight at the Hotel “Rainbow Inn” run by a Korean person.Paid 68 dollars per night.

July 22, 2005. In the morning we hit the road heading east of Saskachewan. Stopped at Bible College small town to walk around, to chit-chat with nice local people.

July 22, 2005. Regina-capital of Saskachewan. Stopped by the Parliament Building, touring inside the building, the guide Corey( French graduate of the Regina University) knows well the history of this region. In big reception hall there were hanging 6 portraits of royalties: Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Phillip, Queen Ann and her husband King George V. There stood also the original Confederation Table where for the first time  in Canada the Confederation meeting was held. The table was made of Canadian maple.

Just opposite the entrance of the Parliament building there was erected the statue of Queen Elizabeth II on her favourite horse by name Bessamie. In general, it was too much attention in Regina to the royal family: Royal Museum, streets named after Princes and Princesses. In my thinking, it’s an obsession. But Anne Frank’s thinking by her Diary ( published not long ago):” I enjoyed royal family trees”. What a teen!

July 22, 2005. We crossed the Saskachewan-Mannitoba borderline. Beautiful prairies’ landscapes changed for a new landscape, rolling hills and grassy fields with lots of old-fashioned grain-elevators which Janko adored much and slowly but surely I started to admire them too. Mannitoba is a county of new and old grain elevators, which is famous for producing wheat, rye, canola, flax etc. Along the Trans-Canada highway one can see the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) trucks loaded with this production. The length of CPR train can be of one and a half kilometre. ( to be continued)


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