August 08, 2005. Bassano (67 km), Brooks (14 km) Pleasant Hatchery. Bantry Canal. Calgary (184 km) Hanna. Strathmore.

Nicely paved roadway’s surrounding with widely open landscapes of flat prairies of Alberta, and the skyline of the horizon dividing the two spheres into parts, and speed rejoicing a traveller’s heart; but the most important thing is that all the roads lead to the people, bad or nice. Meeting them makes life eventful, full and completed. Because deep down you have under your skin that sense of belonging to the human race, that what makes the Universe alive, versatile and unique at the same time.

Coexistence in this Universe, decently and honestly, without taking advantage of each other but complementing each other, that is what makes sense, in general.

Chancellor (26 km). Siksika Reserve.(First Nation)

Calgary (91 km). Standard. Strathmore (22 km). Short stop at the Strathmore Railway Crossing Restaurant. Had a big size Cheese Pizza. It was tasty.

Lyalta, a hamlet. Boundary Road. Chestemere (2 km).

Sharp at 3-30 p.m. of August 08, 2005 we arrived at Calgary.

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