Val, Lyudmila and Joz“Rag Doll” song (1929) brings us the old beauty of Victor Orchestra, Nat Shilkret, Harold Scrappy Lambert, Dolores Costello. Listen:

Nat Shilkret, “Glad Rag Doll” (1929)

“They call you Glad Rag Doll,

Admired, desired, by lovers

Who soon grow tired.

Poor little Glad Rag Doll,

You are just a pretty toy,

They like to play with…”

When we have been in the charms of wonderful music, it’s high time to indulge into the conversation with Lyudmila Shulgina-Klacz who is a creator of her own popiki dolls, great skills and humor design.

Look at them in our gallery: “Lyudmila’s popiki dolls:

Lyudmila's Popiki Dolls

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Lyudmila's Popiki Dolls

We are sitting in the cozy living room of Lyudmila’s house: from each corner of her sofas are popping out the funnyHappy Janko with the author of popiki for himfaces of her popiki dolls as if they are playing with us, one moment they are winking, the other moment they are dulling their eyes.

“What’s happening with them?” I am asking lyudmila, the hospitable and kind hostess. “Do they always behave like this?”

Smiling Lyudmila answered: “Oh, yes. They like to socialize with everybody.”

1. How did you create them, Lyuda?

2. Very simple. The technology is textile-sculptural. The dolls are made of nylon, wire and stuffing. They personify the toast “Let the luck always turn to you her face rather than her bum!”

1. Now I understand why your dolls are called “popiki’, in translation from Russian it means “bums”.

2. Sure. Each doll has her own personality and interacts with you. If you, Janko, getting up in the morning see the doll’s bum that means only one thing: this day won’t be very successful forJanko with popikisyou, but if the next day the doll’s face meets you, it means that Lady Luck smiles at you.

1. Understandable. How long does it take you to make one doll?

2. About two to three days.

1. Do you want to sell them?

2. Why not? 20 dollars per each. My telephone is (403) 271-72-76.

1. Great job! Have you ever heard about cabbage patch dolls which were very popular in 80s in North America?

2. No. Who was the creator?                                                                                                                                                                                       Val with popikis

1. Xavier Roberts, an American art student, in 1978.

Rpberts was created as a ten-year-old boy who discovered the Cabbage Patch kids by following a Bunny Bee behind a waterfall into a magical valley where he found the Cabbage Patch babies being born. To keep them from falling into clutches of the evil Lavendar Mc Dale (and being enslaved in her gold mine), he sought to get them adopted into the homes of loving families outside of Mount Yonah.

2. It’s interesting.

Such a wonderful story is behind it.

Thank you very much, Lyudmila, for a nice interview.

Let Lady Luck attend you in all your endeavors.

Look at our photo expose:

“Modern Cabbage Patch Dolls”

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