There are two myths about parenting children.                                                            trio2009

Myth #1: All kids are angels.

Myth #2: All children are mischiveous.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Perfect children do not exist as well as perfect people.

Our prime concern is safety in this world. We need to raise our kids in safe and clean environment, friendly community. In very rapidly changing world of instant communications through internet specially children are exposed to more sophisticated dangers, i.e. internet porn, violent games, internet predators which are like vultures looking for week and vulnerable. In order to combat these dangers we must be constantly aware of children involvement in this internet world. Children are sometimes more savvy than the parents because of the exposure in schools, the media, text messaging and all that stuff. Parents sometimes use it as a baby sitting tool as they are too tired or extremely busy. Children learn fast. Unfortunately they are not wise enough to see the hazards. The hazards and pitfalls of the Fantasy world created by Internet. Do not forbid them the Internet as this can have the opposite reaction, they will always find the ways around it. Teach them responsible Internet use.

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