The aerial fabric art is so ephemeral that every time when one touches it, that is afraid of damage it by accident…And people belonging to arts – people of a special kind. To understand their creativity is not given to everybody. Here from time immemorial there appeared the divide of the crowd into “talents” and “fans”. In our commercial time of the computer progress it has turned out one more layer of the society – the consumer people, to which we , all the rest plus talents and fans, belong to.

On November 24, 2016 in the big concert hall of the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant took place the concert of the best voice of Russia Sergey Volchkov.

My class-mate Emma Sergeyevna Makhova and her friend Nelly Maximovna visited this event and shared their impressions with me by Skype.

Valentina (V): How did you know first about Sergey Volchkov?

Emma (E): For the first time we heard his tenor of splendid beauty and depth of tone of voice by television when it was show “The Best Voice of Russia”. We would like to listen to his tenor live.

V: What impressions MR. Volchkov made on you?

E: Great voice by height and tone.

V: What repertoire does Sergey Volchkov have?

E: Repertoire is quite various. He sings many a song from those which before Muslim Magomaev used to sing. But Magomaev, highly educated person with very fine classic manner of performance, stands above this young artist.

V: I heard that Sergey born in Bykhov, Mogilev region, Belarus, on April 1988, has 2-years old daughter Ksenia.

E: Yes, I heard the same. He is a very religious person. It is visible at his live performance. He is very modest. We have a habit to see the artists on the stage moving freely and eccentrically or they themselves put it “looseness movements”. So, I consider the dance in his performance was the weakest point. He needs to work on it more.

V: I’am of different opinion in this respect. Our opinions can vary.

E: It is but my opinion.

V: Thanks, Emma, for sharing your impressions with us. They are so fresh as only a few days had passed since that big cultural event in Bryansk.

E: You are welcome. It’s a pleasure.

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