Zoya Lapitskaya,2013“All got together, many a relative and friend,

For celebration of my birthday, wow!

The joy of the feast is but absent,

‘Cause the seventy-five is my age now.

Suddenly either hand is hurt,

Or the knee’s pain strikes. Be alert!

Blood pressure digits jump up to the skies,

And this soul of mine lately constantly cries.

Pity it is as life span’s so fast,

Always not enough the pension funds,

As winter waits for summer, we do for its rise,

To no avail – Alas! we cannot afford an extra slice.

Like sails without wind – the same way:

Look at myself-the skin’s fading away,

The mirror reflects the muzzle, not a face,

The cellulite’s  rounding the figure, Oh, grace!

Of turmoil and problems I’m so tired,

Never enough for me, I’m still hired,

Isn’t it the high time for me to have a rest,

To enjoy life preparing for the last quest.

Was I bad, or was I good?

The best answer is myself I know,

No sinless people, which you put,

Maybe I’m also not bad, if you said so.

I tried my best to love and greet every person,

Good for good that was my usual response,

So, my friends, I’m saying to you in verses,

“It’s beautiful I live within this universe”.

July 1, 2009.

It’s for you, Zoya, listen to: Jan Peerce, The Anniversary Song “On Waves of the Danube”

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