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In Kafka’s famed story, bank clerk Joseph K. is arrested for a crime that did not take place and put on a trial that never occurs. This faithful graphic novel depicts not just the comical, nightmarish and absurdest themes explored by kafka but also his gravitation to and mistrust of women.

The surreal feeling of the story, and Kafka’s absurdest view of reality make this story a dense read, full of strange imagery and, overall, a bit overwhelming.

The main character was about to be 31. That is the same age as Kafka was in 1914 when he started writing “The Trial” and completed in 1915.

His personal life was always complicated. He traveled a lot on the cheap. In such words Max Brod put in his biography about Kafka:

“Franz took special delight and displayed a high degree of virtuosity in balanc ing in this way on the line between seriousness and the comic. It was always impossible to tell whether he meant what he said seriously or as a joke: he himself didn’t always know, I am sure, but simply surrendered himself to the creative imagination od a great teller of fairy stories.”

Such a fun guy to be with!

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I think, that was the reason why the women were attracted to him. So he was to them. Such a mutual gravity. And in self-trial, his “The Trial” he is making self-analysis putting as the background- the juridical bureaucratic system which he knew very well working as a lawyer.

Women were also on the background whom he enjoyed very much and was fearful of them.

That is absolutely normal. As they were highly intelligent, beautiful and good-hearted.

They say, he had even a son from one of them, so0called: Frau M.M. Good for him. The more I am reading Kafka, the more I fall in love with him.

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