“The Wind was not Whispering to Me” (My Poem Dedicated to Friend Emma)

“The wind was not whispering to me,

It was just somewhere nearby.

But those two powerful wings,

The nature  generously gave to me.

Here I am flying over the Earth,

As if a simple girl to be,

I search of everything to know,

The eternal truth how to live and blow.

How to see and comprehend

without anybody to offend,

concerning the people like and unlike me.

But very close to me by spirit,

For example, Emma Mahova and Lyuda Bocharova.

I see their duo at the school party:

Mahova lifted up her magic wand,

And piano music started to sound,

Bocharova’s gentle soprano joined their performance,

Making the impression as enormous as  in a fairy-tale

which is about to come true.

I stood all absorbed in attention, forgetting myself.

Then as far as I remember, the physics teacher 

Was descended stunning me with her question:

“Who are your parents?” 

It was like a thunder in the blue sky :

“Who are your parents, Valya?”

“Why does she need to know that, my dear teacher?

What is the logic connection to the oncoming event?”, I thought.

Meanwhile I answered her.

The teacher explained:”I liked your dress you’re wearing now.

Perhaps, it costs big money, doesn’t it?”

“Ah, that is the case. No, my dress is self-made by my prints,

and fabric is very cheap.”

So, I satisfied the teacher’s beep.

In my mind I thought “How primitive be the people of her kind”.

In such a moment of unearthly communication to the beauty-

-Inspirational show of Emma-Lyuda’s duo,

Somebody disturbs interrupting your wonderful session.

It’s exactly as in real life happens to be so often.

We are not upset at these interrupters.

Because of them we keep in memory even longer

the unforgettable lapses of flowing over the Earth.

The wind was not whispering to me,

It was just somewhere nearby…”

June 28, 2019, Calgary

Listen, please: 

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