Trans Canada East Bound Journey

2005. It was the anniversary of Alberta becoming a province. The festivities were laid out anywhere, there were cultural events, concerts, politicians making speeches, historical dramas and fireworks displays in Edmonton and Calgary. We decided to celebrate it in our own way: Trans Canada East Bound Journey from Calgary to Quebec city and back, Highway #1 Trans Canada, just in Ontario on return we took around about way to lessen our distance. Thank Goodness, our old Town and Country Chrysler van made it. With some difficulties however.The weather across the Prairies was fairly nice, passing through Saskatchewan, Manitoba we saw endless wheat fields, many small towns, Valentina was fascinated with old fashioned grain elevators which were at one time a regular structure in every small prairie town, today unfortunately a few remained. They are the victims of progress, vandalism and neglect. Oh pity for the old beautiful days! They were an important and tangible part of prairie life. Kikka beka Falls near the inland Lake Superior was one of the unforgettable impressions of the journey. Two years later in 2007 when I was flying over lake Superior, below me was the Highway which goes along the lake in serpentine fashion as I looked down and thought to myself “ We will be in Toronto very shortly, but a couple years before it was taking us a few days to get around the lake”. I could not believe to my eyes that it was me who was down there, driving and driving and driving… It seemed that there was no end inside. But I did it and we are proud of ourselves.
Hymn To Prairies
In Maple Creek we heard a whistle blowing,                                                                       doublerainbowprarie11
The Canadian Pacific Railway laid down nearby,
All days and nights are constantly flowing,
Hard-working trains frequently passing by.
The sounds of rustle as though wind chimes,
Melody of time used to be played in past
Keeps on living today,heading for future times,
How long would it be if not forever last?
Glamor of river of St. Lawrence,
Niagara Falls,Maid of the Mist,
Where one felt the unusual water sense.
Rainbows in Niagara Falls are pretty colorful,
Pink-violet, green-blue – sight to behold!
Someone would say:” Do not be a fool,
Guess a desire, treasure that as gold.”
They are as beautiful as they can be,
No famous artist could do such a job,
As if a halo around the nature
Having been created by the hand of God.
Maid of the Mist past the glorious sunshine,
When storm clouds first come into the view,
Forcing the real phenomenon do into the hide,
It is then the wonderful rainbows are born anew.
The roads that you have once traveled,
The places where you’ve been sometimes
For good staying in your mind marveled,
No matter how much in life you’ve seen.
Lake Superior as huge and scary as an Ocean,
Long way followed us on the Highway around,
Taking in profoundly as a whole and as portion,
Of impression of night crickets’ crackling sound,
Orchards are great in blossom,
Of the momentary beauty of the East,
European style is awesome,
To say nothing more loftier at least.
The Ottawa River strikes you as well,
In Wawa village from the closest view,
On the Trans Canada journey one can foretell,
The impressions of Old World a few.
Quebec city is old, preposterously,
Bound up in heat and cobblestone,
No one could withstand it,mysteriously,
Wishing but a single desire: to be left alone.
“Miss Doreen Motel” was a chosen haven,
Spontaneously and at huge random,
A refuge place and travelers’ tavern,
To spend time with a girl so seldom.
Thinking back home of the prairies,
The skyline of the mountains and the lakes,
Bearing the feelings about incomparable fairies,
I came to a conclusion: prairies are the best.
The rolling of the prairies and the coolies,
The wind always following us in the West,
No matter where the God’s grace us smoothies,
I came to a conclusion: prairies are the best.
July-August, 2005.

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