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To the left a photo of Hawaii made by Viktor Tishkin and later the slide show “Oh,Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!” made by his images. We thank him for his generosity.

1. Do you like to travel, Viktor?

2. Sure, I do.

1. How old are you now?

2. 60.

1. How many countries have you traveled through?

2. A lot. All Europe, North and South America… Better to point out where I have not visited yet.

1. And what are they, your unvisited spots?                                                                                                                      HawaiViktor

2.  Australia, New Z eland…

1. Where have you come from recently?

2. Hawaii, Honolulu. It’s Polynesia, American and French, is situated right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 4 hours flight from Vancouver. By the way, travel by sea to Honolulu is as with samovar to go to Tula.

1. It’s correct. How is the weather like on the Hawaiian Islands?

2. Fine, sunshine and the sky had unusual shadows and cloud formations. 23 degrees to C, pleasant sand beaches and warm, caressing water is everywhere.

1. Is it a paradise for swimmers and wind surfers?

2. Oh, yes. A real pearl of vacation package including hotel service, restaurants and car rentals.

1.Thanks again.

Watch the slide show “Oh, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!”: 

2 Thoughts on “Travel, Travel to Hawaii, All the Folks, and Me, and Thee!”

  • To Lida and Viktor,
    The time you have spent together in Hawaii, was very valuable and enriched both of your lives. We hope this happiness continues. We wish to see you remain on this road. Never give up! We will always be your friends.
    Love and respect from us to both of you,
    Valentina and Janko

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