When I was at junior school, I asked myself for the first time: “Why do I live here, in this world?” and answered to myself:”To embrace the beauty!”
The beauty is an extendable concept, very difficult to explain in words.
Here I am, living now 81 years, eyes – in the sky, feet – steady on the ground.
This is what my late husband in BRYANSK , KOSTIN VICKENTIY ILLARIONOVICH, a journalist by profession, parting with me during our divorce, said : “I completely don’t understand you, having resided with you about 8 years: sometimea you’re naive as a girl of thirteen, sometimes you’re closed in yourself without allowing nobody to interfere into your inner self. Who are you, actually?”
As for me, I myself do not know who I am. For sure, I know only one thing: nothing bad don’t expect from me to do – I am designed as a little defender of the offended and weakest people. Many examles of this fact are in my life.

At the present time I live on the Canadian soil for 22 years, surrounded with the family of Holly, Jan Viktorovich, with whom we travelled a lot, including my daughter Larisa and my grandson Gleb.
That was a lovely company of two young people and two olds.
Circling around the whole world: two Americas, countries of Caribian Sea, Japan, Canada, Alaska, Europe, Hawaii.
How many impressions, souvenirs are left from that wonderful time!
Nowadays, diseases after diseases follow us, appointments with the doctors, nurses, the walks in our park, home chores, culinary delights because of our diets’ restrictions: kidneys are giving up.
But in the evenings we are listening to the beautiful music and watching movies. It’s our common hobby!

Because of the sharp weather changes here , the weather went to its extreme hottest temperatures 37 degrees above Celcius, we are installing the air conditioner central now.
And what about my concept of beauty now? Where is it? Where did she go?
SHE is always with me.She as an eternal friend, never leaves me alone and helps me to live, frankly speaking, helps me to keep on living…
(to be continued)


  • Елена Филина: “Очень интересно почитать и узнать что-то новое о семье Данила.” 4 сентября 2021 года, Ленинградская область.

  • Ирина Киселёва : “Ваши книги нужны библиотекам, чтобы люди могли наслаждаться невыдуманными историями из пост-советского прошлого. Это очень интересно. Спасибо.” 5 сентября 2021 года, город Калгари, Канада

  • ” Рада, Ириночка, что тебе нравятся мои истории. Они и правда невыдуманные, а правдивые, взятые из самого пекла жизни. Я считаю, что каждый человек способен рассказать свою историю жизни. Недаром ХАРУКИ МАРУКАМИ любит слушать чужие истории жизни и от них вдохновляется на написание своих собственных. И откуда у него такое терпение? Не пойму. Наверное, это специфика японского характера. Они умеют слушать.
    С уважением Валентина

  • Анетта Александрович : “Классно. Прямо мемуары! Ты-такая креативная.” 4 сентября 2021 года, Ванкувер, Канада

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