Maria fell down on the ground, covering with her own body the junior one Valya, Emma lay down next to her . Explosions followed one after another, all the skies became black and smokey. She did not remember how long it lasted. After that she looked around: there were big hollows, many dead people. The Column Chief commanded: “Get up and keep moving!”.
MARIA raised up, helping her senior Emma to sit on the cart, covered her with the straw and shouted at the horse: “Hey, come on, move your old legs, mare!”
The frightened horse, serendipity that she was not wounded!, slowly started moving, on the other carts there were the wounded and killed. The terrible procession kept on for a week or so.
Then again the Commander’s voice:” Stop! Rest”.
MARIA began to help Emma to get uo to jump off. But Emma could not move: her leg has grown to her body tightly. the girl started crying of pain. The next horror!
MARIA ran to the doctor. “Urgent surgery!” he said otherwise the leg can be amputated”.The leg was saved, took out the shrapnel out of the girl’s body. The operation was done in the field conditions without narcosis, so later Emma suffered of severe heart disease. She was fat and schoolmates and teachers were bullying her calling her names and unpleasant things. Nobody knew her prehistory. Until MARIA took EMMA to the Doctor who explained everything. (to be continued)
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