MARIA’s older sister’s name was POLINA. She was married to PENUYKOV IVAN. In the PENUYKOV’s family there were raised 3 children: two brothers Nickolay and Mikhail, and one sister Zinaida.
When NICKOLAY (my cousin) got a promotion for a position of the CHAIRMAN of Sovkhoz “PIONEER” of Vygonichi District, he shared this piece of news with me. And invited me in his new home.
As far as I remember, how we walked together along the field in the direction to his newly-built house.It was the time of hay making, everywhere the rye and wheat were riping, the picture of meadows was unbelievably picturesque: field poppies interspersed with the other yellow, blue, green plants, gave off a funky heady smell. I bent over every now and then to pick up a bucket of beautiful flowers. Very soon there were not enough hands to carry such a huge bunch of field beauties.
Upon our arrival I put them into a handsome vase.
Kolya told me then, that he was going to get married to the girl by name Raya. She got a health problem concerning her heart. I showed my worries in regards to this fact.
Some days later there was Kolya and Raissa’s wedding.
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As it occured to me at that moment of our big family get-together, someone asked me shyly: “Do you really speak English? Can you say a few words right now to prove it?”
“Yes.” I answered and said some phrase like this: “I like everybody of you who arrived at this great family event. Please, stick together, and life will be much easier for all of us.”
Later I read in the newspapers that NICKOLAY IVANOVICH PENYUKOV, the Chairman of the Sovkhoz “Pioneer” of Vygonichi District, was praised in the Decree of the Prezidium of Supreme Council of the RSFSR in November 1977, for the highest results of pig breeding. The other cousin’s name was PENYUKOV MISHA, and cousin sister’s name was PENYUKOVA ZINAIDA IVANOVNA.
I know for sure that ZINA studied at the Leningrad Librarian Institute by extra-mural department, completed her education successfully, found a job as a librarian at the BRYANSk REGIONAL LIBRARY, liked her job and worked in this position till her pension age. Later, her mother POLINA joined her to stay at her BRYANSK apartment to live permanently. They lived amicably and happily untill that moment when the fire happened to be in Zina’s apartment. POLINA was scared so much that she got heart attack. Soon died in the very old age.
MARIA had one brother BAKUNOV IVAN, he was married to one woman who was unfriendly by character. So we tried to pass by his house although they lived in POCHEP too, and we knew the location of their house, but we were not interested in their life.
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