nickvujicicIn the family of Boris and Dushka Vujicics was born the boy with tetra-amilia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. The parents named him Nicholas (Nick) James ( b. 4.12.1982) to be graduared with two degrees in Australia, to become renown all over the world for his motivational speeches.

We met Tatiana Zouenko who was present once at his meeting and asked her about personal impressions about Nick.

Janko (1): Tatiana, when and where did you see Nick?

Tatiana (2): In Jubileum Auditorium the presentation was held for two people: 1) Nick and 2) Mountain Everest Summit champion climber.

Valentina (3): What did you remember from that evening?

2: Nick. I saw a body of a man without arms and legs, only one small part of foot was visible to be attached somehow to the body. The way how he moved his body was unforgettable: moving to the right, then to the left, all of a sudden he managed to jump high onto the chair.

3: O’kay, its his movements. What else?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                nick's family

2:The when Nick comforted himself on the chair, he started to talk. At that moment I forgot about my stressful things what bothered me, all my attention was concentrated on Nick’s voice. His voice was clear, words were simple to understand, and the most important impression was genuine.

1: What do you mean by “genuine”, Tatiana?

2: I trusted him 100 per cent. He told his life story, how he was bullied at school, so at the age of 19 he wanted to commit suicide and then changed his mind, remembering his loved ones: mother, father,brother, sister, and after that later he turned his life around.

3: Tatiana, were you surprised to see such a disabled young man preaching you an adult woman?

2: Yes, at the first glance. But when I heard his voice, I admired his intellectual strength, sincere feelings, simple word expressions coming from the bottom of his heart.

1: Did you go to see Nick with your friends? What was their opinion about him?

2: The same as mine. And I thought “Why is he traveling all around the world? Physically, it’s not easy for him. But he’s happy, look at his face!” considering to myself. And I found the answer: “He is the One who wants to change something in this world!”

3. You’re right, Tatiana. Nick’s message is clear: “Be happy, enjoy life as is and with all aptitudes, given to you from Nature”.

Watch video:“Evening to-night with Andrey Malakhov, Nick Vujcic, 10.04.2015”

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