12.02.2020 “Happy Birthday, my dear daughter! My Larisa, the joy and purpose of my life!”

“Thank you to all!” who has sent to me such warm words.

To-day, they say, it is the only “correct” date which will never repeat itself even if the thousands of years will pass by. According to the numerology of Pythagorean the two means “energy”. And four of the twos gives the eight. 8- symbol of endlessness and money.

This day is called the Gates of Fortune. It was very important to spend this day among your friends, successful and energetic. Your common energy will give an impulse of your personal well-being, and AQUA (February) will increase this streamline. 

You need to invest on that day,we with Janko invested in you, Larisa and Gleb, and each of your surrounding friends: Nina Anatolyevna, Olya, Ksenya, Ella, male friends who remember your birthday, Larisa, and their families as well as here in Calgary Gary, Lisa, John and upcoming kid of theirs, Stephanie, Eric and their family, Curtis . We wish you, Larisa, and all those people who were around you,  to your son Gleb, the prosperity and the change of the destiny for better. It’s nice if on that day there was somebody with the final sum of the date of birth equal to 1. Because 1 is a symbol of the beginning of all new.

Go ahead, our dears, and enjoy life.

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