In the history perhaps there are plenty of examples of heroic deeds. But today I would like to tell about the personal feat of my daughter, the only one and incomparable in all the world, Larisa Kostina who made her long journey from Saint Petersburg, Russia, to Calgary, Canada by the last unbanned Luftganza flight to celebrate her mother, i.e., my 80-th Anniversary.

Oh my daughter! How many beautiful words I could say about you, and all would be not enough to express my feelings of my gratitude to you. I remember you young.

I remember you growing up, I remember you as a student of the Leningrad State University, the faculty of journalism, I remember how your Daddy Vikentiy Illarionovich Kostin, a famous newspaper journalist, was proud of you when he was alive.

Now you, yourself, mother of a wonderful son Gleb Kostin who after the graduation of the Canadian Georgian College, became an entrepreneur and a very creative person. We all are proud of him and you, Larisa, as good family members. Thank you that I am having you.

In the photos and the collages I am describing my feast to be held on the seventeenth of March of 2020. By miracle the restaurant “Japanese Village” was open for us, and we together with Joseph Klacz, celebrating his 15-th Birthday, and Patricia Lutz, celebrating her Birthday, Three people plus many others : Emma Mahova, Rimma Levchenko-Mitichkina, Lyusya Kuznetzova, Valentina Leonidovna Troshina, Vikentiy Illarionovich Kostin, Larisa’s father and Gleb’s grandfather.

Gleb coud not make it for my Birthday because of his health condition, but from the bottom of his heart he was with us.

Their (Larisa and Gleb’s) gift for my Birthday was a hand made photo clock , having been executed with love, thought and consideration, it is unforgettable! 

Symbol of time which never stops but always moves on (the clock is operated with batteries), very rare photos which I forgot of long time ago, they return to me my old days when I was young and beautiful, restless and adventureous. Look at it! Above Gleb was joining me, and below a tiny girl Larisa is in my hands. At the top Janko is next to me and already for 20 years.

My life is like sun turns around and keeps on. I hope that good always wins over evil.

I thank you all who was participating in my feast and those who could not.

Thanks to my favourite heroine daughter for the feat for the sake of me which I will never forget of, ’til the day I die.

Take a look at the video: 


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