“Happy Birthday to you, my little daughter!” and listen to the song: Happy Birthday!

12 Angels got together to-day to wish you 12 wishes: be beautiful as you are now, be strong and healthy as a bull, belarisa wise as Bible elders, lucky as fortune tellers, merry as a child, sincere in feelings and follow your pursuits as you can, be a charming traveling  companion as we know you, keep the family ties with your son, and us who are surrounding you, live your life in full and enjoy each and every moment of it, and God bless you, Larisa, in all your endeavors. We are always with you. This is a slide show “All the Flowers in the World arrived to greet you, Lara! Happy Birthday, our Beloved Daughter!”


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12 Angels started arguing about who is the first to kiss her hand and Larisa herself resolved this situation. She lifted up her wand inviting them come nearer and they began a wonderful waltz dance as in Lara’s theme song from movie “Doctor Zhivago” ( 1965).  Listen, please, to this song.      Lara’s Theme

For those who wants to resume the memories of this film, and those who maybe never saw this show, this is a link to watch a complete movie “Doctor Zhivago” in 12 parts.  Have a good time! Doctor Zhivago (Part 1) ; Doctor Zhivago (Part 2); Doctor Zhivago (Part 3); Doctor Zhivago (Part 4);Doctor Zhivago (Part 5);Doctor Zhivago (Part 6);Doctor Zhivago (Part 7);Doctor Zhivago (Part 8);Doctor Zhivago (Part 9);Doctor Zhivago (Part 10);Doctor Zhivago (Part 11); Doctor Zhivago 12; Doctor Zhivago (Part 12 Final)

One of the Angels asked about the origin of her name, and that was explained to little one:

Larisa never knew in the life her father Vikentiy Illarionovich’s parents, i.e. her grandmother Maria and grandfather Illarion (Lara). Maria died long before Lara baby was born, Illarion never came back from the war, and his wife never got married again, all her life she was waiting for her beloved husband’s return. Oh, glorious, devoted Russian women! They really know how to wait. Maria, a teacher by profession, raised up her kid, Lara’s father, by herself and died young at age of 48. That is one version of the name of Larisa (Lara) because of the memory of her grandfather Illarion. The other version of the origin of her name is the name of one of the Greek cities “Larisa”, a pleasant combination of the sounds. One way or the other, Happy Birthday to you, dear Lara! And many happy returns on this day.

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