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Vancouver(Val on the stem)In Vancouver we were staying for four days at the Hotel “English Bay” that is located in five minutes walk from the Stanley Park. While Gleb spent his time twice running around the downtown city so intensely that needed to change his wet T-shirt, and Larisa was busy observing the new Matisse exhibition show at the Art Gallery, Janko and me headed for Stanley Park daily. This place was very lively and full events which immediately attracted my attention.

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At the beginning of the Park there stood the Canadian Flags and Rainbow Flags in expecting to be held the Gay Pride Parade. A little bit to the side there were funny statues of laughing figures made by Chinese artists “Amazing Laughter” for Vancouver Bienalle, the tourists’ attraction where everybody wants to be seen. We liked to walk around and watch how the park is growing and to be taken care of. The photo of me to the left is taken by Janko at one of these moments for fun. Near by was the famous Vancouver Aquarium, a nice “Fish Restaurant” and the most important thing-the beautiful beach which is spreading along the Pacific ocean coast for miles and miles.

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“Lovely Vancouver, summer 2012”

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Once we met a harpist there.

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Topless and barefoot, the harpist’s aged and withdrawn face when he played a nice, gentle music, was very expressive. For the first time to look at him it seemed that he was begging for money. At closer view there was no cups or mugs for money. But music was kept on filling the air with sadness and joy. Why? I don’t know? that was my feeling listening to him. The curious people started to approach him. We dared too. Janko as usual asked him where he was from and complemented him with his playing.

Watch my photo expose: “That Harpist Once Made My Day”

That Harpist Made My Day Then

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I could not help taking pictures of him and even one when as if we are playing together.

Really, that harpist made my day then.

Listen more to the harp music:“Rainy Day”

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