SlovakmushroomsAljoz  picked up the wonderful mushrooms growing near the house. Katkatheauthorofthetart6Look at them, are they not beautiful?

Peter brought them home. Gennadiy and Janko helped me to make a nice mushroom cream soup. See the recipe #144 on page 61 of the book “A Firebird Cornucopia of Russian Delights (Russian Cookbook)”  by Valentina Filina-Pattison.

All of a sudden everything was impregnated with vapors of wild forest. Windows were wide open on a hot summer day, so passers-by stopped adoring Katka's Tartthe heavenly tantalizing odors. The soup was absorbed by all of us at one sitting.

Good for us! Another word of praise to the family cooks: Jana, Katharina, Larisa. This is Katharina’s photo herself and to the left –  a creation of her hands: a cake for her daughter Deniska’s Birthday when she was 6.                                       Deniskawithtart10years

This year Denisa is 10, and her grandmother is 55. we celebrate their B-days together, here they are on the photos with the tarts.

As a matter of fact, I need to mention here that we keep on with Deniska an old tradition to make costumes for the dolls, it was last year when Deniska and me created something good in crafts, it is now also, we did it together and as for her, she is really enjoying  it. Look at the slide show: “Deniska is enjoying the dolls”.

janawithtart55So, as you see to yourselves, if one wants to create something good, there is always a place, a time, a mood for this. We are all born as creators, just hurry up! As life is too short, Realize your own  potentialities. This summer the families together created something good which is called “friendship”.

One can see on the photo expose below that you do not need to possess superpower or be extremely healthy. Sometimes, opposite we do not have much health and with the years strength is going but all of us have good hearts and good intentions to help each other, that is what it actually counts. I wish good luck and good health to all the creators of the Holla families, the Cervenka families, the Kostin family, the Filin family. Keep on living in full and enjoy life as we all do!

We would love to express our big gratitude for everything you have done this time and last year hosting us at your home, for hospitality of all the members of the families as well as the others:  Teresia, Aljoz’s sister, and her two daughters Jana with husband William and their two sons, Marianna with her husband Dushan and their children, relatives from Tekla’s side: Jan, Jana, Simon, Tamara, Lubomir and little Sophia, from Maria Guthova’s side: Katharina Plankova’s family and her uncle Anton Guth and his wife Martha.

To all of you “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Watch a photo expose “Three Creators” :

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