First my verse and a photo show about horses:


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“A Horse was born as an animal of Beauty,

Of brown brand with light colored mane,

With long, flowing tail. A trainer’s duty,                                                                                                                                Sophiatheportrait

Is to cheer her up, challenging again and again”…

p.77 from “Sinning Genie” ( a Book of Poetry ) by Valentina Filina-Pattison.

To the right is the photo of the Horse nicknamed Sophia whom I am talking to, and Shania Twain is singing the beautiful song to:

“Forever and for Always”

1.Tell me, Sophia, how is your horse life?

2.Oh,well…Normal. For all my 9 years of age I was fed well and treated well. Actually, I cannot complain.

1.Do you see many changes in life?

2.In my personal life, not really: the same stable as my predecessors had had, the same grass and water from the pump, the same my favorite back yard where I used to walk grazing in the meadows…

1.But what is different, in your opinion, Sophia?

Lucienursingthecat12.Different? Let me see… The dog-and-cat relationship. Before I’ve never seen in my life a cat being nursed by a dog as it is in this household. Lucie the dog behaves as if she were the cat’s true mother. All my life I witnessed the hateful relations between cats and dogs.

1.What a surprise?! It is so, watch the photos of Lucie the dog here and on a slide show.

Isn’t it an affectionate love between the two of them?

2. The other thing. Who is that tall man hovering around my host Aljoz?


Slide show “Lucie the dog”: 

2.Just in front of the house, rescuing a little birdie fallen out of the nest?                                                             Gennadiywithabirdie

1.It’s my brother Gennadiy.

2.What a noble man! In a while Aljoz and him were digging out a few worms for the baby meal, and sooner or later the baby bird will soar away. They put him on the wing.

1.Sure. What do you usually do, Sophia?

2.I take care of people helping them out here and there.

1.Like what?

2.Like working with the plough or harvesting at spring or fall time. Have you seen paradaikas in the hot house at the back yard? Look around, that is all my work.

1.Did you see anything else besides your village and work, Sophia?

2.What?! Ronie the dog is always here, a pig sty was there, where the swimming pool is now. What else? I don’t understand you.

1.Sophia, what I mean, have you ever been to the other places than Male Levare?

2.Oh, no. This my place where I belong to: born here and will die here.

1.As for me, Sophia, lately I saw Malaga, near the Gibraltar Strait, in the South of Spain. The animals are there loose and walk around the streets, parks and beaches. Watch the slide show: “Park Paloma, Malaga”.

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2.So, what is of it, “loose”? What’s the point of that?

Malaga1.Sophia, monkeys, roosters, rabbits, ostriches, goats, rams are being fed by people from their hands, and they are not afraid of people, their best human friends. Nature, Sophia, lives in harmony there. Animals do not need to beg for food and work hard for it.

2.Hold on, hold on for a sec. The animals do not need to work at all, do they?

1.No, they don’t.

2.What a bunch of lazy assholes they are! Just entertainment for their whole life? What a boring life it is there in Paloma, in Malaga!

1.No, it isn’t. Roosters are crying days and nights crossing the sidewalks, residential areas as at home.

Sea beaches are everywhere, swimming pools…

2.That “loose” Spanish life is not for me. I have another opinion about life: work and bring use to people. Let me drive you for a walk around the village. See the photo show: “Sophia’s Drive For Fun”:

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1.Thanks, Sophia. You are a real animal of beauty and wisdom!

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