1. How many theatres  are all in all there in St. Petersburg, Russia?                        MariinskyTheatre
  2. We did not count. More than 30, we believe.

AlexandrineTheatre1. What is your favourite one?

2.The Academic Theatre named after Lensovet that is situated on Vladimirsky Prospect not far from our home.

  1. 1.What did you see last time at the theatre?
  2. 2.“An Inspector” by Gogol.

1. Did you like it?

2. Oh, definitely. S. Migitsko was playing the main character of an Inspector. And did you know the story behind the first performance in 1836 at the stage of the Alexandrine’s  Theatre?

  1. No, I did not. Very long ago I watched this play and forgot everything.
  2. Tzar Nickolas I was present at the premiere and ordered all his Ministers of the Cabinet to watch that performance. “At whom are you laughing at?”, asked the Head of the City Government at the play’s end and answered to himself: “At yourselves”.

1. What is your general impression about the play?

2.We think that  Gogol’s comedy was funny on the one hand, and sad, on the other one.

1. Thanks for your time, you visited the Lensovet Theatre during your school break, next time we can talk about some other performances and at some other time.

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