The Conversation About the Big Concert Hall “Oktjabrsky” on one of the November Evenings…

To attune your ear to the topic, listen to the Gazmanov’s song :

I was born in the USSR

Gleb’s Great Uncle Gennadiy whom he calls just “Grandpa”, has been working at the Big Concert Hall “Oktjabrsky” already for five years as a cabinet maker, fixing the furniture up and taking care of spectators’ chairs where people used to sit, annually more than one million visit there. On its stage there were and are performing brilliantly many a great pop and music stars, domestic artists and ones from all over the world. For example, let us have a glance at the November 2009 advertisement:

“Carmen” and “Bloody Wedding” by Antonio Gades, Concerts of Oleg Mityaev and Duet “Nepara”, V. Danilets and V. Moiseenko, Eugene Dyatlov, ballet  “Todes” of Anna Dukhova, show of Japanese drummers “ASKA” etc. etc.

For more than 30 years has been managed this complex mechanism by Emma Vasiljevna Lavrinovich,  who is highly respected and loved by everybody of the staff.

We will arrange a small interview with Great Uncle Gennadiy.

  1. How are you doing at the “Oktjabrsky” on these November days?
  2. Well, what to say, all right. Tired by the end of the day as everybody else is.

1. Is the staff good?

2. Yes, it is a wonderful staff. We have a good leadership here. Emma Vasiljevna Lavrinovich.

We all employees want her to stay longer with us.

1. Oh yes…It is happiness to work in such an environment. God bless and give health to Emma Vasiljevna and all the rest of your colleges. Be happy and healthy, Gennadiy, for many years to come!

To better finish this article, listen to the other performer Alla Pugacheva to be participating at the “Oktjabrsky” many times.                                                                    Вот такую Аллу Пугачёву любил весь Советский Союз

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