StampsGreat works of art in minutes exploring the renowned history, wildlife and marine treasures of this beautiful country of Belize.

We came to the official building of government post office of Belize and found there a brief history of post office and a wonderful collection of postage stamps of Belize of which I took pictures and will attach them later in my photo show at the end of this article.

First of all, brief history:

In a memorandum dated  the 7th of January, 1830 from Superintendent of the Settlement to the Magistrates, they were informed that a British Mexican Packet (Ship) would be making regular calls to Belize with one of the main purpose to transport mails. He appointed Captain Moriaty of the 2nd West regiment, as the person to be responsible for all such mails.

It can thus be said that 7th January, 1830 is the official date of the establishment of a Post Office in Belize and Captain Moriaty as the first Postmaster.

The Belize City Post Office has had a chequered history, particularly as regards to disastrous fires. Many times the building was completely destroyed and built up anew.

Among the postage stamps of Belize is the 60-th Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953-2013) Stamp Collection, the extraordinary achievement, matched only by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Now for 60 years Her Majesty has ruled over a Britain utterly transformed. The Empire has gone and Britain is now part of Europe. She has celebrated the marriages of her children, been saddened by divorces, mourned the passing of her mother and sister and other royal family members, and rejoiced in the births of grandchildren. She has been a stabilizing force in a time of change and has much to celebrate.

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