Belize City is Different in Many Ways, but Maya Culture was Common There (“The Carnival Liberty”, August 13, 2013)

Map of BelizeTender took us a long way to the shore of Belize City on August 13-th, 2013.                                                                                                                                                     Janko did not like tender rides or maybe, by the other reason: superstition against the date  of “thirteenth”, who knows?,  he preferred to stay for the whole day on the “Carnival”. For each is his own, we decided.

When one looks at the map of Belize City, one can think that the whole country Belize is one city. It’s not right, so plenty of small and big islands here and there with the opportunities to spend scuba diving excursions, on Turneffe Atoll Two Tank Dive with the equipment or without it.

So many offers came to us as a storm, from different kind of taxi drivers, private and organized. All of them wanted to earn money on tourists.

We would go on our own walking tour about the city of Belize and discover to ourselves again and again the ancient Mayan site. It appeared that Mayan people lived everywhere on the Caribbean islands, here is the Altun Ha Mayan ruins. Two plazas and 13 structures are at the epicenter of this Mayan ceremonial site.

Beautiful landmarks and colonial buildings mixed with modern architecture.

We ran into the Post Office of Belize. How nice to learn the history and country by the postage stamps. See the collection of Belize Stamps separately in category “Workshop” with the story belonging to it.

We are walking by the Crafts Market, meeting interesting people on the streets.

Gleb, as usual, disappeared with his friends. Later, he told me :”It was the best day in my life, the day in Belize.”

“Why?”, I got interested.

“We, a group of nine, hitch hiked and went to one of the remote districts of Belize, to the sea shore. We had fun there. For the first time in my life I traveled in the trunk to and back.”

“Oh! Oh! Was it an adventure?!” asked I.

“Yes.” answered he in short.

We also had fun, looking around everywhere and do some shopping. Without men, believe me, it was much more pleasant and productive.

Last tender from the Pier took us to the “Carnival” at 5:15 p.m.

Carnival Liberty sets sail at 6:00 p.m.

Everybody got together on the Lido deck where Janko greeted us joyfully.


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