RussianjuniorhocheyteamwonFirst. Buffalo, USA. GO RUSSIA GO! THN at the World Junior Championship: Russian gold medal win a miraculous tale.

Russia’s performance at the WIC, capped by its 5-3 victory over Canada in the championship game, was truly Miracle on Ice, Part II. Our congratulations!  The photo of the victorious Russian team is to the right. “Canadian World Hockey News”.

Second. Canada. Foreign interference continues to pose an ongoing threat to Canada’s sovereignty and national security, the head of CSIS says in a confidential report. “CBC News”.

Third. Australia. Beautifully eerie evening photos of besieged Rockhampton, Australia. All eyes are on the central Queensland city of Rockhampton, currently in flood watch lock down. “Calgary Herald”, January 6, 2011.

Fourth. Ukraine. To-night is Orthodox Christmas. Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it and a happy New 2011 year! Some chidren are carrying “Didukhs” during those festivities.  “Calgary Herald”, Thursday, January 6, 2011.

Fifth. Argentina. One-month-old white lion cubs stun crowds today in Buenos Aires Zoo. “Calgary Herald”, the same.

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