Dreams1To start with, listen to the beautiful music :Walking in the Air (Declan Galbraith & Peter Auty)

How many times while dreaming at nights we are walking in the air, falling down, stumbling but never kicking our noses. never. How many times one is running-running somewhere, at times chsed by somebody or all of a sudden as if by a magic wand one happed to be in a vast space and someone beautiful is trying to please you with unforgettable drinks and foods as though in the garden of Scheherezade… Ah, how pity to wake up!

“Dreams are my beloved,

Chasing me as if an offensive,

Since I was a little child,                                                                                                                                                                     Dreams5

Cheerful or sad as it depends…

Dreams are my beloved,

What meaning do they hold?

Are they the milestones of my road,

In life, at times warm or cold?

Where do they lead? Where?

To the star myriads of the Universe,

To brilliant Nothing, to Nowhere?

Grasp it for better or for worse.”

Listen another lovely music and watch a New Year cartoon:  Happy New 2011 Year Congratulations!

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